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জয়দীপ গুপ্ত

Jaideep Gupta

Jaideep is an MBA and CHPM graduate from American Hotel and Lodging Association. A hospitality professional, he had worked for nearly three decades with major hotel and restaurant chains in India and abroad. Thereafter he branched out on his own and is at the moment a freelance consultant, setting up restaurants, hotels and spas and correcting processes and systems in hospitality operations.
A recognized personality in the hospitality space, he has been featured numerous times in Hospitality Magazines and is a regular speaker and moderator in forums showcasing hospitality. He is the recipient of the Prestigious “Unsung Hero” Award by HPMF and the “Promising Indian Award” for his contribution to the Hospitality Sector.
Currently based out of Mumbai, he started writing short stories in the year 2000 and since then has written four novels and numerous short stories, many based on true incidents in his life. He is a keen observer of human nature which reflects in his work. Besides writing, his passions are travel and food.

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