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Short & Curly

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Short & Curly

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A dainty aperitif presented by veteran hotelier Jaideep Gupta in his book 'Short & Curly'. An anthology of nine anecdotal, sometimes funny, sometimes deeply moving stories from his erstwhile hospitality days. And four fictional short stories, some touching history, some a bit supernatural wraps up this small book. Without going onto individual stories, it suffices to say each story reveals author's humorous but keen observation of human nature. Be it his encounter with a hawker in train, or the celebrity writer La Pierre. Every story is sure to bring a speck of smile on the lips of reader. This curly stories range from episodes from Maratha warrior king Shivaji to somewhat ghostly offering from a departed lover. Jaideep's style of writing is never boring, it's bubbly in style and full of joi vivre.


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